Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sell via Instabuck?

Pretty anything that comes in a digital format. Music, e-books, code, design, games and photos are some of them. The possibilities are endless though.

What’s your commission each time someone buys my product?

Nothing at all. As any serious agency we want to be profitable, but we don’t exploit your business. All we get is what each of our registration plans says.

How do I get paid? Is it secure?

You get paid via Paypal, Clickbank, Payza or Liberty Reserve, depending on your selection. Each transaction happens there, not on Instabuck. So yes, it is 100% secure.

How do my customers receive my products?

After the payment process, your customers will receive an email with a link to download the product. This link is valid until they complete the download.

What’s your best feature?

We can’t really tell. It depends on your needs.

However here are some of our features: Easy setup, A/B split tests, Real time sales analytics, Dropbox integration, use of your own design or of one of designs we created for you, iPhone and iPad push notifications, ultra protection and security.

Is my product secure from non buyers?

Securing your products from non buyers is a top priority for us. Non buyers are not able to reach your product.

Can I change plan?

Of course. It only takes one click. Changing plans depends on your needs.

Why do you say “We are just like you”? Do you know me?

All we know is that we needed such a service ourselves. A place to sell our digital products with ease. That’s why we created Instabuck.

Is there anything else you want to ask? Drop us a line. Or just try Instabuck.